Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hot & Fresh

I'll be the first to admit it. I'm a simple guy. I like very basic things, especially in the food department.
Meat. That's my specialty. I'm a few slices of bread and a tater or two shy of being a complete carnivore.
Beef, pork, chicken, seafood, a wide variety of wild game. All of it is fine , long as you cook it. Raw fish is bait not food.

Anyway name a meat and there's a right solid chance I've eating it. Maybe even made jerky from it.
And it's a pet peeve of mine to see good meat ruined by smothering it in some high-falootin sauce, or by piling on a bunch of green crap and calling it herbs. Fry, bake, grill it, dehydrate it, but don't get any fancier with it that sticking between two pieces of bread. Ahhh ... Meat Sandwich.

Think of that stuff up above as your prologue, since I'm just now getting to the MEAT of this particular post.

What's wrong with calling a spud a spud? A burger a burger? A sandwich a sandwich?

Gotta be something cause all of a sudden every commercial, fast food chain, and frozen dinner company around is offering something called a panini. Looks like a hot sandwich with some fancy grill marks to me.

Now I understand why people stopped calling Tuna, dogfish. I mean most people are rather fond of man's best friend, unless you happen to be in Michael Vick's close circle of friends, and I can understand how the name dogfish would deter sales. Same thing with Mahi Mahi. Sure they are really dolphin fish but when you say dolphin most people think porpoise and start thinking of Flipper, The Lassie of the sea. It was the same exact show with a different animal star but that my friends is another post for another blog.

But why panini? I happen to like the word sandwich, and between you and me the word panini sounds like a slang term for the lower portion of a woman's anatomy. Sure go ahead, and laugh but it sounds better than Vajayjay which seems to be the trendy word of late. I say we all boycott the word panini and just call the damn things what they are, hot sandwiches.


  1. Omigosh, my husband put you up to this, I just know it! And forget the panini. I'm backing away from the croissants. We'll all be happier.

  2. I will NOT show this blog to Charles. I refuse. But hey, I love the layout, especially the font.

  3. Welcome Amy. I do not know your husband but then again I do. We men are not all that different and we all share the same pain of being force fed evil lettuce by our wives, girlfriends and other assorted do-gooders. Already Posey is afraid to let her husband see this blog for fear he will revolt.

  4. I take all this to be self-evident.

  5. Yet another reason to love paninis and no, I don't mean sandwiches.

  6. Brilliant Blog! Brilliant Post!

    Just what the doctor ordered to save my fat greasy bacon flavored behind from an implosion of leafy green things.