Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sins Of My Coworkers

Work is rarely fun. No one likes to get up at the butt crack of dawn and shuffle off to toil for the man 5 days a week. Loverboy said it best ... We're all working for the weekend.

And to help us get there we have coffee breaks and lunch hour or half hour in my case.

I like to escape down the street for a nice meat and cheese Whopper from Burger King or a Whataburger on toasted bun. Hold the devil and all his veggified demons assistants please. But I gave up eating out for lent this year so I'm stuck to hanging out in the breakroom.

It is a feast of horrors in there folks. Just look at these shots I took today.

Bucket O'Maggots


Satan's Dance Party & a blatant waste of good cheese I might add


But wait you say, that looks like sausage.

It is. Chicken & Spinach sausage. What a sacrilegious waste of good intestines to stuff them full of Popeye's steroids. Oh sure the world labels and puts an asterisk beside Barry Bonds and Ben Johnson's names but no one ever questions Popeye for his performance enhancement drugs.

And look at that sausage. Call me crazy but it seems to be screaming, "GET THIS GREEN DEVIL OUT OF ME!"


  1. Hahahaha, Satan's Dance Party! Good one!

  2. Oh. My. This is going to be a good blog. Think I'll subscribe!

  3. LOL - Yes, I'm in. I'll be reading!

  4. I was watching Man Vs. Food last night and thought of you.

  5. The sausage is some wife's attempt to hide a veggie in meat. Sometimes it works...